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The number of people with problem skin is constantly on the increase. Why? Because every individual is unique and has different skincare needs depending on age, environment and stress levels. 

dermaviduals® creates unique, custom formulations, combining proprietary ingredients into one personalized mixture to accommodate each client and their distinct skin considerations. Rather than having an entire line of creams for every target area of your skin, dermaviduals® provides you with custom-blended formulations, adding different concentrates to your custom blend, depending on your differentiated concerns.  This will support preventive care to avoid problem skin and is able to provide the adequate care for already existing problem skin.

dermaviduals® products are composed of pure, natural ingredients and are free from the many irritating and potentially toxic additives such as emulsifiers, preservatives, perfume, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines. These added additive ingredients are in many other skincare products.  Just as you would peruse the ingredients on a box of food that you were about to consume, so should you also be aware of what you are putting onto your skin.

dermaviduals® is formulated by Dr. Hans Lautenschläger for internationally renowned cosmetic company, KoKo GmbH & Co.KG in Leichlingen, Germany. The dermaviduals® skincare line is based on the science of restoring and maintaining healthy skin, a concept called corneotherapy. [Korn-ee-oh-ther-uh-pee} Dr.  Lautenschläger, who is an international leader in pharmacology and chemistry, developed this customized dermatological skin care solution designed to optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent premature aging.

With having the unique adaptability for customized skin care blends,  dermaviduals® allows your Aesthetician to practically treat any type of skin condition with only a few key products.




Each Facial Treatment includes a Double Cleanse, Face Tonic, an Exfoliation Treatment, Treatment Mask, Shoulder & Facial Massage, Eye Cream and Finishing Cream.


 All Treatments are removed with a Warm Compress.


Please note that if your skin is compromised, your Aesthetician may choose to avoid using a warm compress or removing the facial massage to not further irritate your skin. All products and facial techniques are customized for each client and applied on a case by case basis. 

The Intro Facial

45 mins - $95

This express facial is a great introduction into the dermaviduals® skin care line. Perfect for first time or younger clients looking to start their skin care journey. Paired with the Vitamin Cream Mask or DMS Mask with Vitamins, this treatment gives the skin a quick boost to leave you glowing!

The Enzyme Treatment 

45 mins - $95

Designed to remove all unwanted skin cells, even skin tone and improve skin texture by stimulating collagen production. The Enzyme Treatment also assists in the treatment of congested, acne and sensitized skin.

The Medi Facial

60 mins - $125

True indulgence for your skin, this customized facial is designed to treat all skin types - whether you are congested, suffering from lines, dryness, dehydration, or prone to redness, itching and flaking. The highly effective actives are chosen specifically to address both the causes and the symptoms of your specific skin concern. 

The Luxe Medi Facial

75 mins - $155

All the custom and therapeutic benefits from The Medi Facial plus the advanced enzyme exfoliating treatment and multiple serum infusion containing optimal strengths of vitamins and minerals.This is then followed by double masking options making this treatment 2 Facials in 1. 


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