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  PhiRemoval is the best and the safest method for removal of poor quality semi permanent makeup, microblading or small tattoos.

  The PhiRemoval system works by placing a extraction liquid into the epidermis using a micro-pigmentation machine or microblading tool. The liquid mixes in with the permanent cosmetic pigment, captures it and turns it into a thicker substance which is then natural pushed out by the skin. A scab containing tattoo ink is formed over the treated area in the next few days. As the skin is healing, even more unwanted tattoo ink gets drawn out. The scab starts to peel off naturally, extracting the unwanted tattoo ink. You are likely to have a secondary scab containing even more tattoo ink.


   After the procedure and for as long as you have the scab on the skin, keep the treated area dry unless cleaning or apply soothing cream. Removal of the tattoo or bad PMU doesn’t end after one treatment. It takes more than one procedure to remove everything you are not satisfied with, but the first results are immediately visible. The number of PhiRemoval applications can vary depending on the severity of the unwanted permanent makeup enhancement. 


  After the procedure, keep the scab dry for 2 days. 48 hours after each procedure, apply a thin layer of the soothing cream to the area that was treated during the procedure. The basic special designation of the soothing cream is to soothe the scab and enhance healing.  Apply the cream at least 2 or 3 times per day until the scab scales off and scab shedding is completed. This may take 7 to 14 days or even more. Antiscar gel is applied only after serious injuries, a surgical intervention when tissue scarring is expected, and for scarring prevention. After initial scab shedding, a small amount of the gel is to be applied on the skin with every 8 hours. It should be applied until the skin relief is restored, redness disappears, and the skin colour in the area that has been exposed to the procedure obtains the same colour as surrounding tissues.

  If you are interested in PhiRemoval or have further questions, please contact us and book in for a consultation. Please note that consultations are mandatory prior to booking a PhiRemoval appointment. 


A consultation is mandatory prior to booking a PhiRemoval appointment. 

PhiRemoval Consultation

30 mins -  Free

PhiRemoval (1.5 hrs) - $150+

Per Session

The Brow Loft kindly asks for 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule all Micro-pigmentation, Microblading or PhiRemoval appointments.

Please note that failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in a fee of 50% of your total service to be paid prior to booking future appointments.