Half Caked Crystal Baller Magical Loose Glitter takes any look to the next level. They are 100% cosmetic grade glitter, and safe for all application methods. We recommend using this glitter with a gel glue to ensure the best adherence. 



  • Ultra-fine particles take any look from 0-100
  • 100% cosmetic grade glitter
  • For maximum results, apply with glitter gel glue
  • Can be combined with nail polishes, added into lotion, used as a lip topper, the possibilities are endless! 


0.10 OZ / 3 G.

Crystal Baller Magical Loose Glitters

  • BUY U A DRANK - Snap ya fingers, do the step, you can do it all by yourself when you're rocking this multi-dimensional bronze glitter! The Crystal Baller Magical Loose Glitters are cosmetic grade & safe for the eyes, skin & lips. 

    IN DA CLUB - Go shawty, it's ya birthday. We gon' party like it's yo birthday when you're in this midnight holo 💿. This multi-dimensional holographic glitter creates tiny rainbows from a black base in the light.

    GO DJ - 'Cause that's my D-J. This multi-dimensional silver holo creates rainbows in the light.

    DISCO INFERNO - Lil' momma show us how you move it in this holographic hit! This multi-dimensional glitter shifts from white to pink & green in the light.

    MILKSHAKE - Our milkshake brings all the boys to the yard 💜 We can teach you how to rock this playful, vibrant purple, no charge!

    CANDY SHOP - We'll take you to the candy shop 🍭 Boy, one taste of what we got: super sweet jumbo heart glitter! This multi-dimensional gold shade shifts & gleams in the light.