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If you're looking for a vegan eyeliner brush set, you'll find it here. Our brush set comes with an angled eyeliner brush, tight liner brush, ultra-fine liner brush, and a definer brush. We hand-picked the most indispensable eye makeup brushes to function for a different makeup purpose to ensure you’ve got all brushes necessary to make perfect eye makeup. 


Vegan Nanofiber Technology - high-quality vegan bristles feel very soft on the skin





Ultra Fine Series - 4Pc All In One Detail Brush Kit

  • 00# Definer Brush: is created for very small details, or getting into crevices when doing eyeliner, body painting, etc.

    1# Tight Liner Brush: fits perfectly along the lash line, making it the ideal tool for applying traditional eyeliner, tight lining.

    2# Angled Eyeliner Brush: is designed for winged eyeliner and creates a defined line with precise control.

    3# Ultra-Fine Liner Brush: is created for long, and thin lines. You can use them to create delicate patterns and various looks.

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