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About EIGSHOW 5pcs All in One Pro Detail Eyeliner Brush Set is a curated collection of eyeliner brushes that add a touch of luxury to every application technique which gives you everything you need to complete eye look in one pint-sized package. The Detail Eyeliner Brush Set comes with five handcrafted brushes which makes working with eye shadow and eyeliner faster, easier, and more fun than ever before. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, these premium brushes help you master a variety of techniques with flawless results.


Vegan Nanofiber Technology - high-quality vegan bristles feel very soft on the skin





Ultra Fine Series - 5Pc All in One Pro Detail Eyeliner Brush Kit

  • 1# Flat Definer Brush: fits perfectly along the lash line, making it the ideal tool for applying traditional eyeliner, tight lining.

    2# Micro Fine Brush: is created for very small details, or getting into crevices when doing eyeliner, body painting, etc.

    3# Fine Point Brush: is created for long, and thin lines. You can use them to create delicate patterns and various looks. 

    4#Small Angled Winged Eyeliner Brush: is designed for winged eyeliner and creates a defined line with precise control.

    5# Small Crease Eye Brush: Angled and winged brush for precise outer eye and lash line definition and blending. 

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