Areola tattooing is a restorative type of tattooing that involves creating hyper-realistic renderings of the nipple areola complex.


This is a permanent tattoo service for anyone who may require re-pigmentation of the area, including breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies, transgender and/or non-binary clients who have had top surgery, those who have very little pigment naturally and anyone else who may have received some form of breast surgery. 

This procedure is completely customized for each client to ensure natural-looking results. 

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Please read the following contraindications for this procedure and when it is NOT advised:

Pink (new) Scars and operation site must be fully healed. This can take up to a year or longer.



Prone to Hyperpigmentation

Issues with keloids or scarring.

Use of accutane and/or retinol (in the past 6 months).

Undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments


Aspirin or ibuprofen 24-48 prior to your appointment. 

Alcohol, caffeine, blood thinners for 24 hours before your appointment.

Fish oil or Vitamin E one week prior to your appointment (natural blood thinners).


DAY 1 TO 2


Right after treatment, the tattooed area will be sensitive, red and swollen. Clear bandages will be applied allowing to shower regularly without getting the area wet. 


DAY 3 TO 7


It is safe to remove the bandages, lightly was the covered area and let it air dry. 

Scabs will begin to form over the tattooed area. 

DO NOT pick or scratch at any scabs or flakiness on the treated area. Apply provided moisturizer as directed by the artist. 


DAY 15 TO 42


After the scabs have fallen off, the pigment will appear much lighter than what it was right after the procedure. Surface healing is considered over once the peeling stops but internal healing takes about 6 to 8 weeks. 

Two sessions are required for best results. 

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Keep the tattooed area dry during the first 3 days after the procedure.

Use a prescribed balm and apply over the tattooed area as instructed by your artist.

Don't apply any other product besides balm on the treated area for 7 to 10 days.

For added protection and comfort, please gauzes in your bra.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Avoid touching the tattooed area and do not pick at scabs.

Avoid sunbathing, swimming, saunas, and any form of excessive sweating. 

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For best results, Areola tattoos require two to three sessions with each session being 6 to 8 weeks apart. Typically, each session takes 2.5 to 3 hours.

The ink used in Areola tattoos is permanent so results are long term depending on life style and skin.