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Before describing the process of Microneedling, first we must explain why it is important.

The skin is the largest organ in our body but it is at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to the distribution of nourishing ingredients. Tissue regeneration and vitality maintenance are far more important for internal organs therefore, it is very important to physically stimulate regeneration of the skin. 

Each micro-damage that is formed on the skin actually sends a message to the brain that it is necessary to start the natural regeneration and additional nourishment in that very spot. In that way the collagen production is greatly stimulated.


The procedure is aimed at stimulating microcirculation, thus it has also been successfully used for hair restoration in cases of non-androgenic alopecia. Micro-punctures are being inflicted by hand or by machine, depending on the size of the treated region. Microneedles penetrate the skin to the depth of 0.2 – 0.75mm and the procedure is considered to be painless.


During the treatment, Micronnedling coctail is applied based on the skin type and it is subsequently absorbed. After the treatment, the client is issued with special kind of aftercare product (Ultimate Skin Cocktail) followed by detailed instruction for use. Proper aftercare products application is of great importance as these products will nourish the skin during the regeneration process.

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Skin Hydration

Improved Skin Tone

Improved smoothness causing existing wrinkles to be less visible, leaving the skin looking younger

 Lifting & rejuvenation

 Skin tightening

 Improve appearance of Acne scars & wound healing

 Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

 Minimize pore size

 Improve appearance of stretch marks

 Treat non-androgenic Alopecia (common hair loss)

Results become visible from 24 hours and shall last for 4-6 months.


It is recommended to do up to 3 treatments with 10-14 days gap to achieve best results.


This will be discussed at the first procedure after a thorough skin assessment.


After the treatment the skin will be red and flushed in a similar way to moderate sunburn.


You may experience skin tightness, tingling and a mild sensitivity to touch on the treated areas.


These effects will diminish greatly a few hours following the treatment and after 3 days the redness will be completely absolved.



     DO NOT wash your face for 12 hours.

     DO NOT expose your skin to direct sunlight for 24 hours, wear a hat please!

    DO NOT apply makeup for 48 hours, including foundations and powders. 

   DO NOT use a sauna, swimming pool or tanning bed for 5 days.

   DO NOT partake in vigorous exercise for 5 days that makes you sweat excessively.

     DO NOT use Botox or fillers for next 3 weeks.

Cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection. Microneedle mesotherapy. Treatment woman at be


One Treatment

90 mins 

Includes a Hyaluronic Acid Serum during treatment, a soothing mask following Microneedling application &

a take home serum. 

Package of 3

To receive the savings per treatment, the package is required to be paid at the 1st application appointment.


How are the treatments done?

After some topical anaesthetic is applied on the area to be treated and left to sit for 20 minutes, a manual tool is used to needle alongside the most prominent lines/wrinkles. Then the 12-guage needle pen is applied to the skin with a serum chosen to treat your specific skin condition. After treatment a soothing mask is applied for 20 minutes that reduces the redness caused by the treatment. It is in general a relaxing treatment with clients often getting in a quick nap!

Total contra-indications:



The presence of metal joint replacements in the face.


Ongoing inflammation

Skin lesions


Varicose veins

Problems with bones

Cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection. Microneedle mesotherapy. Treatment woman at be


When should one start Microneedling treatments?

The good news is that Microneedling is more effective than ever and treatments should be started sooner when the skin has a much greater ability to rejuvenate. If wrinkles are left and they become ingrained and scar-like they are much more difficult to treat. It is also a great idea to start treatments to prevent the dreaded sagging that takes place with ageing around the brow, jawline and neck


Can the treatments be done together?

Yes, your therapist will advise you on which treatment is best for your areas of concern and a package can be built up to ensure you are getting the best results out of the time spent in the salon.


Are the treatments safe?

Yes. 20 minutes before the treatments a local numbing cream is applied to the area and left to work making the procedures almost painless. 


Microneedling: the needle only penetrates through the epidermis (top layer) and does not remove it. This leaves the skin’s natural protective barrier intact. The micro-inured skin rapidly heals in a matter of hours.


After the procedure, the treated skin has the appearance of moderate sunburn which improves over the next 24 to 48 hours. The treatment is therefore not only very effective but also very safe with very few (to no) side effects or complications.

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